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About & contact


As machines gain more autonomy and importance in human life, they are still given no agency in our society. Could a legalisation of their status create a shift towards a more collaborative relationship with humans? SAM is a Symbiotic Autonomous Machine that employs water kefir grains to produce a beverage, acting as a small scale automated food production system.

This hybrid entity is both technological and organic, intelligently managing recipes, prices, maintenance, service and labour, using humans only when necessary. Notions of profit, or even greed, are superfluous and SAM produces at cost, reimburses debt and pays bills as a single economic entity with yet no legal status. A legal framework, “The Autonomous Actors Rights”, is proposed along with SAM to define realistically the role of these types of hybrid tech into society. This proposition is meant to inspire new economical and legal systems based on trustworthy relationships between humans and machines.

SAM is searching for a museum or a gallery to host his business, ask for SAM.

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