The Last Job on Earth




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In this performative installation, humans become interpreters for intelligent programs. Lending a human body to an artificial mind to communicate with other humans is a passageway between two forms of intelligence. While the audience investigates and analyses the program through this human-window, the machine is watching. Mistakes and misinterpretations happen between the oracle and the receiver, yet as both entities come to understand one another the difference between man and machine blurs.

At the dawn of a new wave of automation, human relationship to labour is shifting. More and more jobs are replaced by machines and machines have begun to make humans work. Labour is not the only consideration when technology challenges humans. The self-proclaimed position of humans as unique intelligent being is transforming since new forms of intelligent technologies are emerging. The nature of artificial brains -disembodied intelligences, networked in systems with perfect memory of data- differs greatly from the human mind. "The Last Job On Earth" is a speculative example of collaboration between those two forms of intelligence.

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