Absurd spoken words and erratic music is the way to technologic inner peace

Performance, various sizes

Under the alias Omninaut, we explore the serious contemporary themes of our practice in absurd ways, as a vehicle for direct expression. Omninaut is the occasion to spontaneously reflect in immediate contact with the audience. Omninaut is improvised, dramatic, confrontational.

Sound becomes a material for surreal atmospheres while spoken words face the audience with uncomfortable realities and dystopias. Close to Theater, all elements from costumes, choreography or texts are reinvented everytime on changing themes. Bridging diverse topics from self-help guru imitations to linking A.I. to procedural living, Omninaut treats performativity as a tool for group reflections.

Omninaut has become an important part of our process, giving us an opportunity to re-hash the same topics through a very different form of expression.


Ines de Peuter and Tam Ma Ha Gin