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Understanding sound for pigs

Object 1mx1mx1m Wood, aluminum, beads, steel

Wageningen University and Research, Vair Farm, ZLTO

The Pigstrument is a research tool to observe pigs’ potential interest in music and sound. While scientific research is only starting to unravel the possibilities of animal cultures, most of our knowledge in this field concerns domesticated animals. Farm animals are rather considered as food. By getting to know more about farm animals such as pigs we might be able raise a new appreciation for them. We might be surprised that pigs are also musicians.

Every species develops their own way to understand the world through the perspective offered by their senses. Each animal will then develop a different appreciation for sound, material or even colour. To understand who we were designing for and to research pig’s perception we developed a suit to become a pig for a day. The suit is built to recreate a pig’s position (to be comfortable on four legs in straw or mud) and to become a socially functional pig. This experience and several studies with the pigs nourished the creation of a pig specific musical instrument.

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