Making music accessible.

20cmx20cmx15cm Recycled PETG 3d printed, various electronics

Re-creatie Residency
Stimulierings Fonds NL

Omniphone is a very low threshold instrument. Thanks to its touch sensing technology, the simple proximity of a hand starts to trigger sound. It is very easy to get started with Omniphone but it also offers challenges to master.

Omniphone was developed in collaboration with a care institute for handicapped people. Thus it is very suitable as a tool for Music Therapy or relaxation. Omniphone was tested successfully with diverse people with many different abilities. The texture and engraving on the instrument encourage to play with touch. Light signals and vibration feedback add even more dimensions to the experience.

Omniphone was developed with sustainability in mind. The first prototypes were 3D printed out of recycled PETG filament. There are many other possibilities such as bio plastics, CNC wood, and so on.

Selected exhibitions

Official Opening performance, Dutch Design Week, online, 2020