March 6, 2022
Spring and Times of Change…

The last years have been a time of chaos and self-reflection for most, and we are no exception. From November 2020 to October 2021, we were residents of the Jan Van Eyck Academy using our time to inspect, dissect and transform our working methods towards a more healthy and sustainable way of creating. Unraveling and unlearning is a very hard endeavor, and our investigation brought us to the decision to split up our duo practice and each take time on our side to rediscover an exciting process. We dedicated our end presentation at the Jan Van Eyck to explaining how this resolution came to be and to talk about creation and mental health. If you are interested you can re-watch the 25 minutes presentation plus questions starting with Arvid and following with Marie at the 13:10 time mark.

What’s next?


While the duo splits up and expects no new work to be produced under the shared name, previous work will still be visible in coming events. You might have seen the Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator at Rewire festival, and SAM and the Pigstrument were shown at Design Gent, stay tuned for more.

Marie Caye
Marie is now based in Rotterdam and is excited to announce she joined the artist community of Time Window (instagram @time_window). From there, she is continuing her practice of visual art and spoken word performances while guest teaching and interacting with the artistic community.

As a sneak peek into her recent work, she is now busy with investigating natural reserves in the Netherlands, finding/creating cyborg species in the wet swamps and the powdery quarries. She was performing at the Jan Van Eyck Academy as well as the Time Window Festival, follow her on instagram (@mariecaye) and on her new website (designed by the incredible Jonas Ersland) for the most recent news. You can keep in touch through by email.

Arvid Jense

At first, as a move to keep on the move, Arvid got himself a combustion powered vehicle and transformed it into a nomadic studio. He moved on and off various paths, meeting people and other creatures, exploring thoughts and movements and he is now based in Maastricht. Follow his adventure on instagram (@arvidjense) and keep in touch with by email.