March 6, 2022
The last years have been a time of chaos and self-reflection for most, and we are no exception. From November 2020 to October 2021, we were residents of the Jan Van Eyck Academy using our time to inspect, dissect and transform our working methods towards a more healthy and sustainable way of creating. Unraveling and unlearning is a very hard endeavor, and our investigation brought us to the decision to split up our duo practice and each take time on our side to rediscover an exciting process. Read More
March 15, 2021
Originally created for the zine MURF/MURW no.7 March 21 themed Captcha/Rasputin, this illustration mimics an encounter with the Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator. Read More
November 15, 2018
I catagorise your search query. That's not always easy, do we find “LED soap” in electronics or in beauty products? It's fascinating I love solving those puzzles. So I get thousands of results but that’s really just half-way because you want me to define the essence of “LED soap” so I sort, I curate, I adjust the list with everything I know about you to show you the most suited products, the best answer, all of that in milliseconds. Read More
August 28, 2018
Within this collection we find the novel that would become the topic of heated discussions during our long car drives : The Waveries by Fredric Brown. There was never a story so opposed to our techo-utopist values, while at the same time describing better than we have seen before the concept of non-human others. But before diving into this, we have to start at the beginning. Read More
April 9, 2018
Our exploration of Food Design in Milan kick started at the lunch table in Brera where Giulia Soldati invites her guests to eat by hand. If you also come from Western Europe, you might do it at home sometimes, but here in the terrace of a Milanese restaurant, in the middle of our group table and curious passers-by, the experience was strangely liberating. Read More