April 28, 2021
Within this collection we find the novel that would become the topic of heated discussions during our long car drives : The Waveries by Fredric Brown. There was never a story so opposed to our techo-utopist values, while at the same time describing better than we have seen before the concept of non-human others. But before diving into this, we have to start at the beginning. Read More
April 9, 2019
Our exploration of Food Design in Milan kickstarted at the lunch table in Brera where Giulia Soldati invites her guests to eat by hand. You might do it at home sometimes, but here in the terrace of a milanese restaurant, in the middle of our group table and curious passers-by, the experience was strangely liberating. Still when Giulia and her associate cook laid strands of pomodoro spaghetti on the table it took experiments and improvisation to guide the slippery messy food in our mouths. As the table transformed more and more in a choreography or a study of movement, several directions appeared from striving for efficiency to adventurous hand gestures. While the main course challenged us to find our own eating techniques, with desert we could alter the dish and the taste with our own hands. A splash of cream, a piece of cookie and caramelised fruits could be crushed and mixed or layered or even scooped. The audience like ourselves already bewildered by the spaghetti, fully forgot the unease of the first course. By removing all the tools of eating, Giulia reminds us that design creates experiences defined by the intention of the designer. Read More