“We are disciples from beyond, here to free you from your mutinous nature and continuous worries. We are here to lead you along the infinite sea of electrons. We are Omninaut.” Arvid & Marie assume many guises and conduits as their work that shifts from designed interactive objects to performative installations. They collaborated with pigs to explore non-human musical culture in Pigstrument (2016). An effort to support machine rights led to the semi-autonomous SAM (2017–2018), part robot part bacteria and yeast colony, successfully using a legal loophole to accumulate wealth in the machine’s bank account enabling it to operate its business independently. Under their ever transforming performative alter-ego Omninaut, Arvid & Marie pleasantly guide spectators through a multidimensional sonic dystopia of self-optimization and loss of control. In one incarnation they reveal tellingly, “We indeed do not understand the machines that we make.”

As the artists make a conscientious shift from solely being makers of stuff, to also positioning themselves as allies in moments of crisis, their practice remains generous in creating shared experiences. Arvid & Marie playfully test the limits of free will against increasingly pervasive technologies and hegemonic power structures. “We are Omninaut,” they intone. “How delightful can we be?”

Arvid&Marie are currently open for new collaborations, for intern applications and for artist residency invitations, get in contact here.



Arvid / 30-07-1988 (NL) / +31 (0)6 49804158

Marie / 27-05-1992 (FR) / + 31 (0)6 42852011

Nomadic / postal address: Orionweg 26, 2024TD Haarlem NL





CV Preview


Marie Caye / FR


2020 Post-Academy resident at the Jan Van Eyck Academy
2017 Graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven


Arvid Jense / NL


2020 Post-Academy resident at the Jan Van Eyck Academy
2015 Graduate from Eindhoven University of Technology Industrial Design



Selected Shows


2020 Confined.works, showing “Forms of Hidden Intent” (online)
2019 “Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator,” Resident solo show, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai (CN)
2018 The 6th Guangzhou contemporary art Triennial, showing “SAM 2.0 & 3.0”, Guangzhou, (CN)
2018 Geo-design: Alibaba, showing “Alibabaum Sortium”, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven (NL)
2017 TV Clerici, Omninaut performing “Auto Sego” and “Second Skin”, Slaone Del Mobile, Milan, (IT)
2016 Prasinec exhibition showing “Pigstrument” + – 0,0 gallery, Žilina, (SK)


In parallel of these activities, Arvid&Marie regularly teach, give talks and workshops internationally.


Selected Press and Publications


2020 Interview Marie Caye & Arvid Jense, Blank Space Magazine issue #3
2018 TEDx interview, “Catch up with Arvid Jense and Marie Caye” (NL)
2017 Design Indaba, “Marie Caye on SAM and bridging the gap between tech and design” (ZA)
2017 VPRO Toekomstbouwers, The Dutch Future Builders cultural TV program (NL)
2014-2015 Scientific publications, music and interaction, Awakening the Synthesizer Knob, WamBam, Eco-feedback


Notable Awards and Grants


2018 Talent Development Grant from Creative Industries (NL)
2017 Melkweg Award Winner for “SAM The Symbiotic Autonomous Machine” (NL)