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 About & contact

photos by Ines De Peuter and BOBO

The jovial and eccentric duo Omninaut explores very serious contemporary themes in creatively absurd ways: through the lens of music and spoken word, sound becomes a material for surreal atmospheres. Bridging diverse topics and explorations that range from A.I. to mundane contentment; Omninaut treats performativity as a tool and explores technology and its impact on both a micro and macro level of contemporary society.

photos by Ines De Peuter and BOBO

Past performances:


EP-project Launch, 24/10/2018, De Fabriek, EIndhoven NL

Omninaut, 05/08/2018, Blanc Space, Portland, USA

Dronal Mode, 04/08/2018, Valentines, Portland, USA

Desert,14/07/2018, Twentynine Palms, USA

Omninaut, 12/06/2018, TAC, Eindhoven, NL

Performance residency, 22, 23/06/2018, United C, Eindhoven NL

Bureau Generator, 21/05/2018, De Fabriek, Eindhoven

Opening, 17/04/2018, Not For Sale, Milan, IT

Omninaut, 24/03/2018, FAQ festival, Den Bosch, NL

Omninaut, 26/01/2018, Rauwkost, Den Bosch, NL

Void Generator, 24/11/2018, De Fabriek, NL

Omninaut, 25/10/2018, Wall Street, Eindhoven, NL

Android, 07/09/2017, Modulab Stroomhuis,Eindhoven NL

City Walk, 01/09/2017, TAC, Eindhoven NL

Worrying, 25/08/17, De Fabriek, Eindhoven NL

Bureaucracy, 07/07/2017, Onomatopee, Eindhoven NL

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